Dear Old Me

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Dear Boma,

Don't date a racist alcoholic with a drinking problem
Listen to your loved ones when they say your man is sketch
They're probably are seeing something you're not
Don't stay in a bad relationship because you're not strong enough to leave
You'll leave him and discover that you don't need anyone to live a life you dream of

Falling in love is an amazing experience, don't get bitter when it ends
Don't be scared of heartbreak and grief and prepare yourself to embrace it
Live in the moment and stop thinking of all the what-ifs
Many of the what-ifs happened and you survived
You didn't just survive but you slayed
That process of slayin makes you happier than you ever were before
Talk to your favorite uncle more because cancer is a bitch

Life immediately after university is rough, but it gets better
Stop stressing so much about getting a job after graduation
Because you will get a job in an amazing organization
Your job will have you doing all the things you love everyday

You are so incredibly nervous about turning 24
24 starts really rough with grief and loss, but gets so much better
Everyday you're going to feel like you kill it life.
You will be happier than you ever were
Don't be afraid to dream, that travel bucket-list will become a reality
Don't worry, you're still as fierce as ever

Sending love and positive calm thoughts,


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