My decor evolution in pictures

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I don't have a lot of photos of my old apartments. Despite not having a lot of proof, I have the visual memories of each place I've lived. I think my aesthetic has come a long way.

My aesthetic has always been minimal. I am obsessively decluttering. My sister hated that when we lived together lol. I haven't owned a TV since my first apartment, and I try not to keep a lot of clothes. 

2012-2013: My first apartment
It was very colourful. Almost everything is thrifted or bought used from Craiglist or UsedVictoria.

2013 - after a surprise farewell I organized for my friend. I loved this apartment a ton. You could see the Olympic mountains from the balcony.

2013 - looking lost in my decor-less kitchen. The student dry erase board on the wall LOL

2015 - date: Current apartment 

Hand-painted vases
Current aesthetic is slightly rustic with a lot of Scandinavian influence

2015 - When I moved into my current apartment. 

Transition phase - I don't have photos of my living room as it is now. Everything is thrifted or used, except the yellow couch (Ikea) and the large picture print.

Hand-painted table and diy frames
Nigerian hairstyles

My bedroom has undergone the least amount of transformation since I moved in

I love books and I've always wanted to have a bookshelf that is a reflection of who I am. This is the closest I've come to achieving this. Hand-painted vases, cute plants, earthy African decor, and souvenirs from my travels.

Current bookshelf situation


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