The Threat of Lawsuits

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Men in positions of power: race, class, etc etc have a lot in common. One of their commonalities is a love of faux legal threats.

I have written extensively about my terrible ex haha. Apparently my posts and comments got to him. Men like him do not appreciate having women speak their truths and call them out on their terrible racist abusive behavior. So what do they do, they threaten to sue.

Typically you'll get a vague poorly written long email from said hurt man, about all the ways you speaking your truth has hurt them and how they'll pursue legal action if it continues because they consider your comments defamation. Threats like these are an attempt to silence people who are marginalized. It's quite pathetic. Sounds like Donald Trump right?

These men like my ex, local musician from Toronto, white, with class privilege, use legal action as a threat because they know marginalized people often don't know their legal rights and often don't have proper legal representation. They send such threats believing that the actual oppressed party will stay silent out of fear.

I'm currently on vacation in Panama, and was just Facebook chatting with a friend who's facing something similar right now, and I told her what I tell all my friends: don't be scared and don't fall for it. This conversation motivated me to write this blogpost detailing my advice on vague lawsuit threats from men.

So here's what you should do in these situations:
-Laugh: I'm serious. Laugh because you successfully bruised someone's ego and now they're attempting to be a bully and lashing out. After you have a good laugh, share the email threatening a lawsuit with all your friends so you can all have a good laugh together. If you're feeling extra petty, feel free to point out grammatical and spelling errors.
-Don't respond: Let the bully make the next move. You can sue someone for literally anything, but winning a lawsuit is a whole other story
-Seek legal advice: If you're worried, talk to a lawyer. You can pay for one or contact pro-bono legal centers wherever you're located. Lawyers will tell you that lawsuits of defamation filed by the average Joe are often pointless.
-Keep doing what you're doing and don't be silenced!

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