September/October workshops

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I'm excited to be facilitating a workshop at the Victoria YMCA-YWCA on September 17th, and another with Volunteer Victoria's Youth on Boards series on October 7th.
During both workshops, I hope that participants will think critically about diversity and what it means to create an inclusive welcoming community. I look forward to hearing what diversity means to these people, as well as personal stories of inclusion and exclusion. I want us to also explore diversity that is not always visible. Often times, when we think of diversity, we think of thinks like race and culture. What about gender?

One of my favorite activities, which I hope participants enjoy, is a group activity that gets participants thinking about the power of stereotypes. This activity takes place after exploring concepts such as stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. It also happens before we delve into the deeper subject of racism. 

After this, I hope to work with individuals as they create an inclusion plan on maybe a personal and/or organizational level. Finally, we'll be exploring how to deal with difficult situations in the workplace using different scenarios.

I'm really looking forward to meeting these wonderful people over the next few days and weeks.


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