A quote by bell hooks about media representation

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media representation, representation, diversity,When I can stand before a class of predominately black students who refuse to believe that conscious decisions and choices are made as to what roles black actors will portray in a given television show, I feel compelled to name that their desire to believe that the images they see emerge from a politically neutral fantasy world of make-believe is disempowering; is a part of a colonizing process. If they cannot face the way structures of domination are institutionalized, they cannot possibly organize to resist the racism and sexism that informs the white-dominated media’s construction of black representation. And, on a more basic level, they lack the capacity to protect themselves from being daily bombarded and assaulted by disenabling imagery. Our mental well-being is dependent on our capacity to face reality. We can only face reality by breaking through denial.
-bell hooks

Media does not exist in a vacuum. 


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