Thoughts on Darren Wilson's indictment

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Today has been a difficult day emotionally. Racism hurts.

There was no win in this situation..yet I’m still immensely disappointed. The system is anti-black & will not protect us. Regardless of location, in desperate times like these, people of colour on Turtle Island need to strive to build greater solidarity with each other.

As a Nigerian settler of colour living in British Columbia, Canada, I know that many Canadians are mentally patting themselves on the back. Apparently, “it’s not that bad’. WRONG. Canada’s history of anti-black violence and indigenous genocide should not be ignored.

Additionally, regardless of location, it is important that we think about why the face of anti-black violence is black men.

Today I feel like there is a black cloud over me. Add to that having to deal with complex immigration issues involving time and money which means that I won’t be able to replace my Nigerian passport indefinitely. Based on this, I have no legal immigration document that proves my citizenship. This makes me very uncomfortable.

Whenever I am confronted with “complex” immigrant woes (the specific type of woes which which many other immigrants from the global south have experienced), I think specifically of the forces of colonial imperalism that have brought me here.
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