All I Want For Christmas Is Me!!!

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Last week, I wrote about the fact that racism hurts.

The past week I've been thinking pretty intensely about what physical and mental (emotional) wellbeing looks like. As a diversity consultant, part of thinking about intersectionality means that I think about how the way different aspects of a person’s identity, such as age, gender, race, class, nationality and sexuality, combine to define and shape an individual.

To me, physical and emotional wellbeing means that I am in tune with my body and mind and able to determine when I need time to be with myself.

This is particularly important for the 'givers' out there. You know who you are! You are the shoulder to cry on, the ever-ready listening ear, the speed dial friend, primary caregivers, the support system.
Giving takes it toll, and time to recharge is important. Sometimes it's important to say, "I love you but not right now". Maybe all I need is 5 minutes of space. Maybe it's 15. Maybe it's 1 day or 1 month. Regardless of time frame, I choose me for that point in time. My needs come first during me time.

This past weekend, continuing into this week has been great for that. Choosing me for a few days. Doing what I want. It hasn't been anything fancy. Just spending a lot of time in bed sleeping, reading or watching reality tv. Going to the gym, eating a ton of junk food and watching the boondocks and talking about african politics with friends, and being a complete slob. It's sort of like going on a date with (or befriending) myself. Today, after work, I will clean my house while rewatching The Bodyguard because it is a great cheesy movie. I absolutely hate cheesy films, but I cant say no to Whitney Houston (RIP) and Kevin Costner.


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