Lupita Nyong’os Keynote at the Massachusetts Conference for Women 2014

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Lupita talked about finding your purpose, overcoming self-doubt, and believing in your dreams. She offers 7 tips:
1. Recognize and articulate your fears to yourself. Then look for what you love and articulate that to yourself and others. Your love will grow stronger than your fear.

2. Reach out to your stretcher bearers. These are at least 4 people who will carry us to healing and safety when we cannot do it for ourselves

3. Ask questions of yourself, and for yourself. Listen around you for answers.

4. Do not underestimate the power of writing your dreams and goals down.

5. Breathe, mediate, pray, be still with your soul

6. Go for it and always allow failure to be an option.

7. Step forward and repeat it all.


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