A lunch date with an elder

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One of my favorite ways to connect with people is over food! I love to cook and have people over, go out for lunch, or other food related activities.

During my lunch break, I met up with an older Sri Lankan woman who I love and respect so much. I try to meet up once a month to catch up and share life updates. Today, she told me that she recently took up learning ayurvedic healing and classical music as hobbies.

I shared that I'm trying to figure out ways to stay health (eat right, work out, and get enough sleep) while working full time and starting my non-profit. She immediately told me that I need to "honour my body".

This lady, who I think of as an elder for numerous reasons, is so full of wisdom and always gives me great advice. She said that honoring my body means always being in full consciousness and in-tune with my inner self, and enjoying the world because I was put in it for a reason. Part of honouring my body is setting boundaries. Moving forward, I need to know how many hours I can realistically devote to my non-profit so I don't feel burnt out. I need to prioritize sleep, which I don't necessarily do. Thank you genetics for the lack of eye bags although 6-7 hours of sleep is now my norm.

What else can I do? Another thing that struck me from our conversation is the need to be open. In some ways, it's like networking. I need to be open to opportunities which may arise in the form of a volunteer, board member, etc. I will put up print and online volunteer ads this week.

Part of setting boundaries is goal-setting. What is the ultimate goal? I want to have a community space be. Nothing big or fancy, but a cosy space similar to my previous office/social/study space at the Students of Colour Collective. I prioritize this goal because although the research, advocacy, and organizing is still most important; an office space gives us a location where all these things can be done in a consolidated manner. An office space would be a more neutral location than a members house. A multi-purpose office space will also give us opportunities to meet with and build coalitions with local groups.

In the meantime, as I think of ways to achieve my dream, I will try to limit the number of hours I spend on my non-profit to at most 20/week.

Event plug: doesn't the event below look wonderful? Free food and bus tickets too. Wow!!


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