Fall 2015: A week in outfits

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Counting down till I'm chilling here

Everyday before stepping out the door, ask yourself: would #Beyonce and #LaurynHill approve of this look? If the answer is no, you know what to do. #importantquestions

It's so incredibly weird that people read my blog. My friends walk up to me and chat about a blog post. A few weeks ago, my organization's web tech guy referenced my blog and told me I had a "strong voice". I really appreciate this, but it's always so awkward when this happens! 

I've been blogging anonymously for a few years but decided to stop doing that. I started blogging here about 4 years ago but every few months, I delete old posts and start afresh. This is a space where I pour out my thoughts in a public space but with the expectation that no one is actually reading. So thank you all for reading this and validating my words :)

My most popular posts are outfit posts and relationship posts. Here's what I wore in the past week. I'm so lucky that my job lets me dress so casual, which was definitely not the case in the last place I worked (see here). I moved into a new place a few weeks ago so excuse the basic mirror and boxes on the floor.

In typical Boma Brown fashion, I broke my beloved Sony phone at the beginning of the month. I lived in denial for about 4 days before it dawned on me that my old phone is gone. Went to Bell to get a new phone and the sales rep told me he never sells Sony phones cos they're crap. Thanks for the heads up. 

My new LG has a pretty nice camera.

Rocking my Westlife tshirt. #turbanonfleek


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