For Jenny

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I've had the most magnificent weekend ever! It's been filled with love, laughter, food, and family. I'm chilling in my mom's place about to eat some garri and eguisi soup, and watching Sister Act 2 aka one of my favorite movies EVER. Life is goood. I am deliriously happy.

Day 10 in my new place. A work in progress

On this super chill, happy weekend I spent hanging, eating chicken, pie, and ice cream in my new place, I'm thinking a lot about gratitude and the people who bring so much joy and love. One of these people is Jenny.

Food is so important to me. This is one of the reasons I love having people over at my place regularly to share a meal. Jenny embodies this a lot. She's a Malaysian Chinese woman with an amazing heart. I met her at work in the summer of 2014 and lost contact with her after I graduated. I ran into her on campus a few months ago and I'm so glad I did.  You know those people who yo meet who instantly brighten your day! Her simple life, the way she asks that her gifts should not be reciprocated, and her stories, fill me with so much joy. She loves talking about her haircuts, and how she only has a few strands of grey hair at 67!

She calls me a couple of times a month: "Boma, I have food for you! Are you home?" She comes over to my apartment or work, we chat for a few minutes and she either gives me banana loaf, zucchini, or spring rolls. Each one so delicious! She tells me stories about living in Malaysia, moving to Victoria in her twenties, meeting her indigenous husband, and raising mixed race children in Victoria. She loves talking about her mom who loved to share food with her friends, something she now continues.

Jenny unfortunately has a brain tumor which she's getting surgery for soon. But she's always so upbeat. Her husband loves to tell me how he's never heard Jenny complain of pain and how she's always so upbeat. She loves sharing her favorite tips about how to be happy, how to relax, and how to give.

Thank you for your love and wisdom. You make me a better person.


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