New York City & Puerto Rico!

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Currently sitting on the floor and typing this on my phone so excuse any typos or formatting issues. I woke up this morning with body aches and a bizzare sore throat. Fml.
Missing this!

I got back to Victoria after 2 weeks of being away and I'mbe home. Missed my plant babies. Thank you Tri for taking care of them.
Some of my plants

I like to blog my travel experiences cos it serves as a reminder to me later down the line. I haven't been in the US since I moved to Canada 4 years ago. I was in Philadelphia and New York. I spent no time in Phili so I can't really say anything other than good donuts. NYC was a blast! Beyond love that city. Being in Phili and New York was a truly fascinating experience for me cos there's so much diversity. So many black people from all over the world and I absolutely loved it.

Black people
I loved seeing West Africans on the subway and hearing them speak their language. I walked into a fast food store in the Bronx and it was like 90% black (including staff). I found that although this was super positive, it did take some time to get used to.

The majority of my North American experience has been living in  Victoria, BC. Super  white, not diverse at all. Victoria can also be quite isolating sometimes. So being in the US and interacting with so many black people was a treat! The last time I interacted with so many black people, I was in Africa - Nigeria and Botswana. At the time, it wasn't something I really appreciated cos it's home and most people were black so nobody really cares I guess.

I got to talk to a few black people about race, obviously. The American experience is quite different from the Canadian one. I found that folks I talked to spoke about race with such honesty and no Canadian politeness cover-up.

(Mum: skip this paragraph). I was chilling in 30th Station in Phili talking about "Mj" cos he smelt quite delicious lol. I told him he smelt real good and he said he smoked at his friend's place before heading to the station. So we start talking and all of a sudden, 2 police men start patrolling the area we're sitting in. The calm fear in his eyes was pretty real. He casually got up and walked away without saying bye. I'm not a black man but I think the experience dog black men in Victoria is quite different.

My accent
I also randomly had a conversation with a black subway driver as I sat at the first stop while it was out of service. What I was interested in was "how to drive the subway 101" but he couldn't get over my accent hahaha. It has been a while since people have commented on my accent. Most Canadians tell me I sound "normal" but way too many people I either had conversations with or asked for directions found it fascinating and I'm not entirely sure why.

I've spoken with people of similar backgrounds about hybrid accents. My accent is as a result of leaving Nigeria relatively young, living in Botswana and the US, and living in Canada since 2011. I think all accents are cool including mine. There's no "normal" or "abnormal" accent. Although I havent paid a lot of attention to mine (I'm just talking and being myself), comments suggest that mine has changed over the years. When I first moved to Botswana, everyone told me I sounded like a  Nollywood film. Years later as I was about to leave, people said I barely had an accent. I moved to North Dakota where people said I had an African accent that was kinda untraceable cos I didn't sound like other Nigerian students. I dont know if I'm at the end of the "Boma Brown accent spectrum" but I have a feeling that my accent will probably change some more.

Thank you Peurto Rico for all the plantain dishes. The last time I ate so many, I was living in Nigeria. I can't wait to be back!

Big cities get my fashion more than Victoria ever will. Obviously people in Victoria compliment my clothes. The other day, I was doing a photoshoot with the 2 Tri's and this older lady said "love your outfit. You look smart". Funny compliment, but I'll take it.

Thank you NYC for inspiring me with your style, and thanks for understanding my own aesthetic. Nothing more fashionably rewarding than when New Yorkers stopped me to salute my turban game. Yes, it's Erykah Badu inspired, thanks for noticing NYC.

Victoria, get with the program!
Turban fleekiness


  1. Great post! I am happy to read a Victoria writer addressing experiences of isolation in Victoria, however pervasive and endemic it may be. There is a common yearning from so many people here, for another way of being. I appreciate the community this provides. There is so much program for this town to get with in this foggy fantasy island. Anyhow, sounds like a great trip.

  2. Thanks for your insightful comments, Troy!


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