Feeling inspired by Oprah and Michelle Obama

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Oprah and the FLOTUS had an amazing sit down conversation at the White House as part of the United State of Women summit. I'm a huge fan of both women and found the talk to be very profound and inspirational. So many 'black women moments' between both of them and I loved it.

It's so special to hear two of the most influential black women in the world sit down and have a conversation about life, success, and self-worth.Here are a few things that stood out from that conversation:
  • - Know your worth. Michelle Obama shared her experience getting a VP position and how knowing her worth enabled her to negotiate pretty sweet benefits
  • - Don't be complacent, and don't be ignorant
  • - She shared her thoughts about transitioning out of the white house and into the next chapter of her life. The journey of self-improvement is never over. It always continues.
  • - On her husband, Barack: "being famous doesn't change who you are. It only reveals who you are.". She said her daughters were her biggest pride of her time in the White House.

At the end of the conversation, Oprah quoted Maya Angelou, "you make me proud to spell my name W-O-M-A-N".


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