Favorite photos from Costa Rica!

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It's Friday and tomorrow is my last day of an amazing getaway in Costa Rica. I've spent the past 8 days in Dallas, San Jose, and Montezuma. It's been wonderful but I'm excited to return home and see my family and friends. 

I've officially been phone-less since Monday, which has surprisingly been great. Vacationing without constantly texting and checking my emails, and  posting on IG is rewarding!

Daniel Gonzalez and I did this amazing shoot on Monday. I chose 2 of my favorite vacay outfits for the shoot which wasn't too hard. People who know me will probably be shocked to know that I'm a very light packer. I packed for 9-13 days in a carry-on suitcase. So, choosing 2 dresses out of a little less than 14 I packed was easy because red is a great colour on me and that grey dress is pretty much my summer uniform. 

Costa Rica was SO expensive but worth the splurge. Here are a few photos.

The (school) building in the background is entirely made of metal and was shipped from Belgium.   

San Jose zoo

My phone was broken at this point but this was my favorite part of the trip! This cabin in Montezuma is in the middle of nowhere. I probably had the best naps of my life and the view was amazing. Watching the sunrise and sunset, and seeing how lightening filled up the sky when it rained. Words can't describe!!

Last hotel in San Jose. Pool view + sunset/sunrise!

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