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August 25 2016

A close friend of mine and one of my favorite people died last week in a drowning accident. I found out two days ago from a news article a friend shared with me. I'm quite devastated and in disbelief.

I met Ryo in the summer of 2013 through another friend and we instantly became friends. His smile lit up the room. He was always so full of energy and positivity. Everyone who met him loved him, even people that met him only once. This past few days has shown me just how much he is loved. Friends of mine who met him once or twice years ago still remember him. That's who Ryo was, he left you feeling warm and happy. He was so kind.

Ryo loved to visit me, and if you know me you know I love friends that visit and friends that eat food at my place. The first time we hung out, he came over to my place for dinner with another friend of his who became one of my best friends.

Our friendship had gotten stronger the past year and the last few times we hung out were memorable. One time he came over to my place and we got intoxicated and I tried on his glasses and he told me I looked great. He forgot his jacket at my place and we met the next day at Fairway and he was hungover, very hungry and randomly excited get Chinese takeout LOL. The time after that we hung out for five or six hours eating food and having drinks and catching up on life. We had recently gone through breakups and were both pretty depressed and we named it - depression. We talked about what we were doing to recover from the pain of our relationships ending, and our plans for the next few months. We talked about the possibility of being roommates but we both shut it down quickly haha. We left happy and thanked each other for being so cheerful and that we were able to lift each other's spirits. The last time we hung out we had lunch at UVic and he was late, but it was hilarious.

Ryo was so popular, and he ran into so many people on his way to the SUB. We were gonna have lunch indoors and he said we should go out and enjoy the sun, which we did and it was wonderful. And in less than an hour of sitting outside having lunch, people would walk by and he'd say hi and chat with them. That's who Ryo was. He always had time for you. He paid attention to you. We talked about the summer, and the possibility of working together in the fall. Exciting!

The last time I saw Ryo on campus, he was chatting with a friend of mine and I was shocked that they knew each other. They asked me to sit outside and hang out with them but I was heading to Vancouver but I said I'll text him when I got back. I didn't.

I know how much you loved music! I only discovered this song after you passed, and it's so hard to listen to because it reminds me of you.

Ryo, I hope you know how much I loved and still love you.

The past few days have been terrible. I've cried so much. I've had to share the news with all our friends who didn't know. We missed your funeral because I only found out 3 hours before it happened. I'm sorry I couldn't be there but I know you would understand because you were so practical!

I know you'd want me to be happy and to enjoy life as much as you did. But, it's tough. I'm devastated. My heart is broken. I'm so very sad. The Quadra Village Block Party is in 2 days and it's an event you would love. I'm only crying at home, in bed. I'm still showing up to work in that building we spent a lot of time in. I'm being reliable and consistent until Saturday. And then I'm really gonna be sad and will probably lose it, because reality will finally sink in that you're really gone.

I'm glad I met you. Rest in peace.


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