Pictures and stories from Belize pt 4 - Tortilla Making and a Creole Connection

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*In parts 1-3, I shared my experience meeting some wonderful people in Belize City, doing a scary hike in Tiger Cave, and harvesting chocolate on a farm. Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. All the photos from my trip can be found here!* 

Mostly photos with captions in this post, because I want to devote a few more days to processing the profound experience of connecting with Mrs. Bo and Emmett and his family before writing about it. Enjoy!

Making tortillas with Mrs. Bo.

The stove
Not bad for a first attempt. 

Tortillas cooking. Smells amazing.

The table where Mrs. Bo and I shared a meal and talked about our families, gender and women's rights in Belize and Canada. In-depth blog about our conversation will be up soon.

The meal: corn tortillas, tomato sauce and eggs. Eggs are added to the sauce and acts as a dipping sauce for the tortillas. Delicious!

Patting those tortillas. I showed Mrs. Bo how to take photos on my cellphone cos I'm a narcissist and she took many photos of me in action!

Creole drumming and sharing food

I spent my last afternoon in Southern Belize with Emmett and his family learning about Creole drumming and food. Emmett is Creole and his ancestors are Igbo from Nigeria. I was happy to share a meal with them and told about Belizean & African politics, and sustainability in both countries. 

After lunch was over, I noticed his daughter and her friend were still in the kitchen so I went in to say hi cos I'm chatty like that. They were probably kinda surprised because most tourists probably don't go in the back of the kitchen and offer to help with the dishes, but Im not most tourists.

They politely refused to allow me do the dishes, but I hung out in the back with them for over an hour talking about what it's like to grow up in Belize, our hopes for the future, career choices, and black hair. Super smart, eloquent, gorgeous young ladies. Love these girls so much, and hopefully see you again soon!  
Emmett and I


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