Effective leaders are not scared of firing people

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In life and as a business owner, confidence is important. Confidence is what helps you fire a person without fear and second guessing yourself.

We've probably all heard, "hire slowly, fire quick". What does this mean to me?

I won't exactly say I fire quickly. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, I believe in learning curves, and although some people don't believe this, I actually have a heart haha. Before I get to the firing stage, I have numerous checkins with the employee letting them know I have issues with their job performance. I also ask if there's any way I can support them in order to do better.

Firing a person is not fun. Some people cry. others get upset and resentful. Regardless, it has to be done. When employees are terrible at their job, it sucks for everyone. It sucks for the employee because as a human being, we hate being bad at something. It sucks for the boss because a terrible employee is more work for you. I love having independent teams, who feel empowered to do their jobs without having me hover over them. So, nothing frustrates me more than having a terrible employee who doesn't know what to do, and creates more work for me and everyone else. #timetogo.

Confidence helps you fire a person without fear because confidence allows you to trust your gut. If your gut tells you that this person should be fired, but you're not the right person to do it, then get your business partner to do it. Firing a person needs the right amount of emotional intelligence, empathy, and people skills that not everyone possesses. This is something I struggle with because I am so blunt and have to resist the urge to say "you suck, gtfo".

But, next time there is an employee and your gut tells you that this person is useless and doesn't contribute much to the growth of the organization, fire them without hesitation. Afterwards, use the awkwardness of the "you're fired" encounter as a learning opportunity.

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  1. Efficient leader is decisive, so do not be afraid of anything, very agree with your views.


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