Greater Victoria Food Hubs Roundtable

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I'll be speaking at this event at City Hall next week. I'm excited to talk about my work with SNIWWOC specifically Food With A Side of Community, and food security more generally. Blurb from event page:

This event is an opportunity for organizations and businesses that work towards food security to share resources, celebrate success stories, and create strategies for food systems change.
At last year's roundtable 40 organizations gathered to begin a conversation about how to increase food access and food literacy at the neighbourhood level. This year, we want to build on the excitement about neighbourhood food hubs and strengthen relationships in order to foster food security in the Capital Region. We will set the scene by presenting how we have collectively grown over the last year and identify areas for potential growth.

Our panel of local food champions will share successes and challenges of the projects they have been working on over the past year.

Want me to speak at an event you're hosting, contact me :)


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