Dear Yan Pt 2

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Dear Yan pt 1

November 1 2017

Today marks a year since Yan left us. Yan was one of my best friends, one of my biggest supporters, and one of my favourite people on earth. He was an honorary member of my family. He joined us for Easter, thanksgiving, and Christmas. He meant the world to me.

He was the weirdest, kindest, gentlest, simplest, most interesting soul. Most importantly, he taught me the importance of appreciating the simple things in life, and the importance of living in the present. He always cheered me on and believed in me, "Yo Bo, you've got this." "Bo, I've got your back." For years, he'd always say "Bo for President". It was a funny inside joke between us that he'd use to remind me that I'm winning. Unconditional illogical support!

We'd laugh at the dumbest things and add the word 'yo' to every sentence cos we though it was funny. He gave effortlessly too. He bought me groceries, cleaned my house, ran errands for me when I went on vacation, regularly bought me fruit and veggies when I didn't care about my diet, plus he knew how much I hated oranges, but thought vitamin c was important lol. The last thing he bought for me was a huge bag of oranges lmao. Almost 3 years ago, I quit my first job after university, decided to chill, heal, freelance, and grow spider plants at home (don't judge) for a few months. He paid my rent one month cos I was broke af and my PayPal deposit was delayed.
He always gave, no questions asked. He was one of the WOKEST people I knew, in the true essence of the word, not the watered down version. An ally who learnt so much in a few years, and used his privilege to educate other people every time he could. The past year has honestly been so rough without him. There have been awful numb days, and good days. We talked about death often while he was here. So I still find peace in that and I continue to live my best life because that's what he always wanted for me. Yan was the best. Thank you for everything.

Rest in power to my fave. If I could say anything to him right now, I'd say "yo, pay up bish."#wheresmymoneytho #ihavereceipts


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