Hiring a virtual assistant

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I hired my first VA about 9 months into owning my business. I have a full-time job that I didn't want to give up in order to work on my business. In addition to really loving my job, it helps me bootstrap my business. This means that my VA does the daily operational things that I can't take care of myself because of my job. 

I hired my first VA from Online Jobs Phillipines but my current VA was recommended by my previous VA, through a Filipino VA Facebook group. She does everything from booking appointments and managing a booking calendar, managing social media, following up with clients, responding to phone calls and emails, and other general tasks that may arise. My VA's are based in the Phillipines but work in PST timezone. 

Working with a VA for the first time was a really fun experience. Communicating with people remotely all the time, and trusting them to work on my company as well as they can. What helped tremendously with future VAs was having a knowledge base. I have a VA folder that has how to information with faqs, video tutorials, and much more. This knowledge base is filled with living documents, which the VA updates on a regular basis. This means that I don't have to train each VA from scratch, because they can go through the knowledge base and familiarize themselves with the job, and then ask me questions if they need clarification. 

I'm very new to the world of VAs, so I give my VA a lot of freedom to organize her schedule and tasks as she'd like. I try my best not to micromanage. I communicate with them throughout the day, answering questions they may have, or clarifying certain things. With my current VA, I have weekly meetings scheduled where we go over things like sales and marketing, bookings, and general questions she may have.


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