Reflections on 2017 and prepping for 2018

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3 weeks left in 2017, and it's been a really great year. I feel like I accomplished the most important things on my to do list, and have already set goals for 2018.

I'm going to break down my 2017 reflections and 2018 prep into various categories. Think about it like strategic planning (link) on an individual level.

Who am I and what do I bring to this world?
This is the most important question, because it grounds me. All the things I'm working on and decisions I've made is to honour my true and best self. Knowing my true self and working to advance this brings me immense joy and fulfilment.

I consider myself someone who is loyal, compassionate, entrepreneural, passionate about travel, fitness, and giving back to the community. On a broader level (i.e. outside family & friends), my community is the University of Victoria, women of colour on the island, and the city of Victoria.

Attending school at UVic was a really important part of my life, and I feel a lot of gratitude for the opportunities presented to me by the institution. In 2017, I volunteered my time at the university where possible, and moving forward I hope to not just volunteer my time but support the university financially as well through scholarships, annual giving with the alumni association, etc.

My commitment to SNIWWOC, an organization I founded in 2014 continues today. In 2017, I was able to partner with more organizations, get some solid ongoing financial support, which I hope to expand in 2018.

Part of giving back to the community is sharing my life story and experiences in the world. I did 8 speaking engagements this year and had some media coverage, and plan to top these numbers in 2018. I also hope to join the board of a local charity.

On the entrepreneural side of things, my business continues to grow. I'm learning a lot from various mentors, and hope to launch more exciting things in 2018, and do more investing.

How do I stay healthy - physically and emotionally?
a) Knowing my true self involves regular checkins. An important part of knowledge of self is also knowing how to communicate these emotions to people in your life. This is something I'm working on and hope to make more progress in 2018.

I'm constantly checking with myself through out the day. I ask myself if I'm happy, feeling joy and peace, feeling fulfilled, etc. On my 10 minute drive to work everyday, I think about this pretty intently. "Are you tired?" "Feeling kinda stressed? What's going on?" These check-ins help me feel more grounded, and ensure maximum emotional stability, which is my end goal. If I'm feeling kinda sick, I know it's time to up my vitamin c game and leafy greens. If I'm feeling kinda sad, I have a game plan for that.

For general preventive measures, I workout regularly, and try to incorporate a yoga practice in my life. My body really LOVES squats and yoga. I also try to meditate each night before going to bed. I use the Calm App (link) to set the mood for meditation and nightly positive reflections.

My emotional and physical health is a priority to me, because I know that accomplishing my goals starts with my body and my mind. In 2018, I plan to continue what I'm doing, but up my yoga game by attending classes once a week. I'm so ready.

b) Grief
There is beauty in sadness. The idea that you can't have sadness or grief in your life, while feeling immense joy and fulfilment is completely false. I've written a lot about grief over the years (link) and detailed the death of my grandma in 2014, going through a breakup and the loss of my uncle in 2015, and the loss of two close friends 3 months apart last year. It  really sucked, I don't know how else to explain this. I did serious emotional work before the loss of my friends, and this previous work helped me get through with a lot of stability. But the reality is that when I think of Ryo and Yan everyday, I'm still sad. This sadness is part of the story of my life. I don't run away from it, I incorporate it and find the beauty in it.

c) Travelling
Anyone who knows me probably knows that Victoria makes me feel isolated sometimes. The lack of diversity still gets to me, after living here for over 6 years!! Travelling helps a lot because it gives me a breath of fresh air, allows me to do things I enjoy, and makes me really appreciate the calm routine of Victoria whenever I get back. The goal is still 30 countries by the time I turn 30. I travelled to 5 countries this year: US, Mexico, Japan, Belize, Panama, but only the last 3 were new.

I have 14 more countries to reach my goal in the next 3.5 years. I'm also recommitting to learning Spanish so I can go back to Merida and talk to the old ladies in the bakery. I'm lucky to have quite a few friends who speak Spanish, so I'm excited for long phone calls.

How do I stay laser focused to my goals?
Staying focused on my goals and avoiding complacency is not easy. I try to avoid being comfortable, and constantly challenge myself. I incorporate the strategies mentioned above, but really want to emphasize the following:

a)Vision board (link): I look at my vision board everyday to remind myself to keep moving forward

b) Note taking and to-do lists: I use evernote, and also take physical notes with daily to-do lists of things I need to accomplish

c) I hired a virtual assistant (link)

d) I now use Inbox by Google as opposed to the traditional Gmail. It's improved my productivity tremendously

e) I'm constantly learning. I'm in a handful of Facebook groups with entrepreneurs in areas I'm involved in or looking to join, so I'm always learning from their experiences. I check these groups at least once a day (usually multiple times) for updates.

f) Yoga + meditation: As I described above, feeling healthy physically and emotionally is my biggest motivation. In addition to using physical activity to strengthen my mind, I also use the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking to make sure I'm winning at life. My goal is to spend as little time as possible feeling sorry for myself and entertaining negative thoughts.

Stay ready.


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