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**Note that due to my role with CREAN & SNIWWOC, I am no longer responding to any media inquiries**

March 31 2018

Dressed in excess: people put on all their clothes - in pictures

Canadian photographer Libby Oliver's striking portrait series, Soft Shells, is a playful exploration of how people express themselves through clothes. It features individuals swathed in every item from their wardrobe, flashes of body parts only just visible. "Clothing is an immediate social cue," Oliver says, "and one of the few things we have visual control over with ourselves."

January 30 2018

This photo project brings new meaning to the phrase 'clothes make the man' | CBC Arts

At the current rate, it seems the human race is eventually going to choke on old T-shirts. With North Americans chucking 11 billion kilograms of hand-me-downs into the landfill each year, the world's drowning in fast fashion, and a quick look at these photos might leave you gasping for air already.

October 18 2017

Residents weigh in on whether Victoria is best place to be a woman |

Five women talk about how they feel about living in Victoria, B.C.

October 17 2017

Residents weigh in on whether Victoria is best place to be a woman | Toronto Star

The Star talked to five women from Victoria and asked them about the study that suggests the B.C. capital is the best place to be a woman. Boma Brown, 26, Support Network for Indigenous Women & Women of Colour founder Brown, who's of Nigerian descent and previously lived in Botswana and in the U.S., has been in Victoria for six years.

May 2017
I was asked to endorse the book "Fired Up about Reproductive Rights" by Jane Kirby.

January 30 2017

September 22 2016

Despite my fears, travelling in China taught me a lesson in human kindness

Dispatch is a series of first-person stories from the road. Readers can share their experiences, from the sublime to the strange. I chose to visit China for a few reasons: First, I like to travel. Second, one of my closest friends is Chinese and I wanted to see what his city looked like.

July 12 2016
Interviewed on CFUV Native Waves Radio about Black Lives Matter and how to uplift black lives in the aftermath of the Anton Sterling and Philando Castile shooting.

June 14 2016
Interviewed on CFUV Breaking Binary about the closure of the UVic Women's Centre.

Bring Back Our Girls

VICTORIA - Nigeria's kidnapping crisis hits home on Vancouver Island as aid steps in. CTV's Stephanie Sherlock reports.

Local reaction to the 300 young girls still missing in Nigeria

Three hundred young girls are still missing in Nigeria after being kidnapped by a terrorist group called Boko Haram. A Vancouver Island woman says not too long ago, she could have been one of the victims. "My initial reaction was sadness and shock." Boma Brown left Nigeria at age 15.

Africa Fest 2014 - Shaw TV Victoria

Shaw TV's James Green meets up with the Victoria African and Caribbean Society in Centennial Square to help them promote their week long festival.

Diversity Speaks: Boma Brown & Trinity Wong (Feb 12, 2014) by CFUV

This week Xi interviews Boma Brown, co-ordinator of the UVic Students of Colour Collective, about Black History Month. In the second half Trinity Wong discusses cross-cultural relationships.

Lower Island News March 2014

Boma Brown - Africa Fest 2013 (May 16, 2013) by CFUV

Boma Brown from the Victoria African and Caribbean Cultural Society talks to Liz about the upcoming Africa Fest 2013 in Centennial Square.

Play with a dog, lose exam stress - Saanich News

University of Victoria student Danya Smith gets some love from Pacific Animal Therapy Society pitbull Jake during UVic's annual De-Stress Fest. - image credit: Sharon Tiffin/News staff The buzz emanating from a thick lineup of students spilling from Cadboro Commons on Wednesday afternoon would have anyone assume a rock show was about to go down in the University of Victoria building.

Puppy Rooms helping Canadian students relieve stress | Metro News

As university students across the country prepare for the end of the semester crunch, they're being given a new cramming tool: dogs. Schools from coast to coast have begun employing trained therapy dogs to help students relieve the stress associated with term papers and final exams. "We take mental health very seriously.

Good neighbours: At exam time, stress is for the dogs

December 2, 2012 02:00 AM Every little bit helps for students trying to keep calm and stay focused during exam time at the University of Victoria. Enter the UVic Student Ambassadors, a group linked to the UVic Alumni Association that helps foster school spirit and generally does good around campus.

March 17 2014
Contacted by CTV for a headline story on racism in the military.

May 18 2013
Interviewed by CHEK News for a news feature on Day 1 of AfriCa Fest 2013.

November 28 2012
Interviewed by Global TV for a news feature of Puppy Playtime (part of De-Stress Fest).